【DesignHubs】家用健身器材 • WEELA

WEELA is an effective, compact and stylish home gym paired with a personal trainer APP for exercising anytime! This multifunctional home gym is only weighted 15kg and allows you to lose weight, get fit… Click to Read More

【DesignHubs】富貴豬 • red PiggyBank

Piggy banks are usually made of ceramic or porcelain. In Hong Kong, we have the well-known red Piggy bank made out of plastic. In the 70s-80s, the red Piggy banks can be found in every children’s houses. 相信很多70、80後同我一樣,小朋友的時候都會用豬仔錢罌儲存利是。 每逢翌年新年前夕,外婆和我也會進行劏豬儀式。 In the Chinese culture, red represents “auspicious and lucky” while pig is a symbol of “wealthy”. The red Piggy…

【InteriorHubs】帝盛酒店主題套房 • Dorsett Wanchai

經過三年的翻新工程,灣仔帝盛酒店終於隆重歸來,連同其他品牌打造不同主題房間,務求提升旅客入住體驗,給予客人難忘有趣的住宿經驗。 After a 3-year renovation, the Dorsett Wanchai returns and launches its collection of theme suites, where its playful design will ensure travelers and memorable stay and far beyond their expectations. 主題房間包括: The theme suites include: OSIM 按摩套房則讓商務旅客疲勞盡消 Osim Massage Suite will be just right for those tired muscles Sony 4K 3D 體驗套房讓旅客沉醉於影音天堂 Sony 4K…

[Designhubs] 鍍鋅傢俬 • Galvanii

好的設計永不過時,但是好的質料可以百世流芳。 泰國新晉傢俬品牌Galvanii將平時用來製作外牆水管的鍍鋅鋼鐵打造成新穎傢俬,設計獨特。 Good design will never go out of style, but good material will last a lifetime! Galvanii, the upcoming Thai furniture brand, transfers hardwearing galvanised steel into unique furniture pieces.   鋅經熱浸鍍膜處理後, 可承受重物、熱力,不但耐用,而且用上100%環保物料,增加産品的可持續性。 At Galvanii, a natural substance, zinc, is used in the hot-dip galvanisation process, which resulting in galvanised steel furniture. By using…

【Designhubs】3D隔音板 ● BAUX

BAUX是由兩名企業家及Form Us With Love設計團隊創立已成,目標是將實用的建築材料變得美輪美奐,增添設計元素。BAUX的設計、生產和銷售過程,不但滿足建築師,工程師及發展商的預期,還照顧到未來的與環保標準。 BAUX引用高溫技術將木纖維及水泥混合,並在高壓下制成,主要用作牆身的隔音版。BAUX的産品採用拼貼方式,設計師可拼出不同圖案,創意非常。産品種類包括隔音板、隔音磚及最新的3D Pixel系列: (BAUX隔音板) (BAUX隔音磚)   (BAUX 3D Pixel) (BAUX 五位創辦人:(左至右) Fredrik Franzon、Johan Ronnestam、Jonas Pettersson、 Petrus Palmér 及 John Löfgren)

【DesignHubs】掛鐘 ● Time Frames

設計師Bruno Tarabella’將傳統及新派風格合二為一。 掛鐘 — Time Frames ,又名Archi di Tempo,的基本組合是分針及秒針,Bruno Tarabella’在鐘身加上七彩燈光,令設計簡而精。 如對産品感興趣,可瀏覽影片: https://vimeo.com/166917172 tag: #timeframes aka Archi di Tempo #design by #BrunoTarabella’ #estylerhubs #lifestyle #product that is ideal for #home — #wall #clock #time