【DesignHubs】盆栽骨灰龕 • Planturns

Planturns is a handmade, modern wooden cremation urns that double as decorative vessels. With a modern design aesthetic, Planturns is designed as a celebration of life by C.C. Boyce, a second generation woodworker… Click to read more

【DesignHubs】不規則座椅 • Les Angles

Created by smarin, a French design studio, the Les Angles collection is a set of geometric cushions which can easily fit together to transform in art-form or seating-space for…Click to Read more

【DesignHubs】Hybrid • 椅子

Hybrid的車,你可能坐過﹔Hybrid的椅子,你又有没有坐過?Hybrid Chair, just like your Hybrid car, is a two ways functional furniture, which can quickly transform from a desk chair into a lounge chair…

【DesignHubs】朱古力傢俬 • The Chocolate Design

由智利工業設計師Pedro Pablo出品的The Chocolate Design系列,聽名字以為是普通的大尺寸朱古力,實際上此系列有三大産品: 燈、咖啡桌及儲物櫃。無錯,設計師的靈感來自於食品和模塊化設計。 The Chocolate Design collection, by Chilean industrial designer Pedro Pablo, is not an ordinary mega size chocolate. Indeed, the collection features a lamp, coffee table and cabinet. That’s right! The Chocolate Design is a collection of furniture that inspired by food and modular design. 外觀美味的Chocolate Lamp採用加熱過的亞加力膠料作為燈的主體,其結構由黑色和白色金屬製成。由於設計旨在為家庭提供溫暖和歡樂,Chocolate Lamp由6個具有RGB LED的燈條模塊組成,可提供超過10種不同色調和強度的燈光。 The delicious-looking…