【DesignHubs】智能工作枱 • EGET

EGET is an innovative workspace adapted to new habits and the use of new technology. In other words, EGET is a piece of furniture which can be adapted to the demands of users through light, storage, sound and…Click to read more

【DesignHubs】1袋4用 • Flip

每次女士出街的時候都要花上很多時間決定用上大袋定少袋,有時只需帶銀包、有時又要攜帶手提電腦。 最終,一包二包,永遠沒有一個適合不同需要的時尚手袋。有見及此,allocacoc設計了一個非常獨特、可以一款四用的手袋 – Flip。 Do you ever feel like that whenever you are out, you always need to repack your bag to adapt your needs? If so, Flip is for you! Design firm, allocacoc, creates this unique bag which allows the bag to adjust and not you to the bag! 憑藉可調整的寬帶,Flip可折疊成更大或更小的尺寸,變成背包、購物袋、側揹袋及晚宴包。 Flip還有一個特別元素,就是嵌入式磁鐵,只要將Flip折疊成一個側揹袋或側揹袋,並將磁石保持在合適位置就可鎖實,從今以後就可以一個袋走天涯。 With its integrated…