【DesignHubs】iphone 安全套 • Woolnut

By blending perfectly together with 100% natural wool, the Woolnut sleeve is crafted from the finest vegetable tanned full-grain leather from Scandinavia. The soft, shock-absorbent and water repellent high-quality wool felt will protect your device through everyday life… Click to Read More

【DesignHubs】Apple筆 • KOSMOS

The award-wining design with a minimalist touch, KOSMOS is not your ordinary pen but with the intention to be your everyday pen

【DesignHubs】冥想坐墊 • UNDO

喜愛冥想的設計師Jordan Diatlo設計出UNDO一款專門用於冥想的坐墊,UNDO坐墊符合人體工學設計,適合不同體型,讓…designer Jordan Diatlo has created the UNDO meditation cushion which is designed to put the body into an ergonomic position, so…Click to read more

【DesignHubs】 Macbook●自拍神棍

雖然好多地方己經禁咗用自拍神棍,但無捐Tom Galle嘅興致。決定同朋友一齊玩大佢,整咗呢個自拍神棍!雖然冇得買,但我都Share吓呃吓like先~ 網誌:http://macbookselfiestick.com/ #macbook #selfie stick #design by Tom Galle #hkig #estylerhubs