【DesignHubs】永不乾涸的鋼筆 • IndiGraph

IndiGraph is an innovative fountain pen that will never dry-out. By keeping the nib moist with a special membrane, the IndiGraph is the perfect solution for sketchers, calligraphers, designers and illustrators to express their creativity without interruptions… Click to Read More

【DesignHubs】無限循環套裝 • Nuka

Created by three young entrepreneurs, Katya Michalko, Nikita Vladykin and Eugene Shylo, Nuka is an eternal stationery, which consists of a set of notebook and pen that could last forever! The notebook could be rewritten limitless times and the pen will never run out. More importantly, Nuke can be digitized and synchronized with smart devices; and therefore, your information will be easily retrieved on the cloud and never be lost… Click to Read More

【DesignHubs】倒數筆 • Timer Cap

The Timer Cap is the only thing you will need when you are taking an exam. With a timer located at the top of the pen, the examinees can easily check the remaining time and manage the exam time… Click to read more

【DesignHubs】未來筆 • OMNI

有沒有想過一筆可以走天涯?設計師Dave Kendall的創新計劃OMNI,只要你想得出的顏色它都可以展現出來….OMNI, a conceptual idea by Dave Kendall, creates thousands of different colour tones with one pen…

【DesignHubs】Photoshop Icon實體化 ● FEBO

如果你都想同太陽伯伯玩遊戲,呢一個畫圖工具幫到你!FEBO用放大鏡原理,借用光線的熱力將圖案刻在木板的表面上。設計構思非常原始,但創意十足。雖然聽落好似很危險,其實方便使用,而包裝也十分體貼,每一套材料也包括了防護套,保護周邊環境。 溫馨提示: 當使用FEBO時,我們建議戴上太陽鏡 ,保護眼睛不受強光照射!   (設計師: Paola Papetti, Rosalia Galeano and Francesca Padovan)