【DesignHubs】睡眠好枕 • Dullo Pillow

Designed by a start-up company in USA, Dullo Pillow is designed to gently cradle and support both your head and neck, our pillow. Dullo Pillow will provide you with quality sleep that you have never experienced before. The center crater helps to distribute the weight throughout your head during any sleeping position throughout the night so that you can get a good night’s rest… Click to Read More

【DesignHubs】無窮無盡功旅行枕頭 • Candy Cane Travel Pillow

The Candy Cane Travel Pillow is the first 100% modular travel pillow with endless feature that let you get a good night sleep anywhere. This Candy Cane Travel Pillow is designed by Nisans Industries in cooperation with LyLy Designs…Click to Read More

【DesignHubs】旅遊三寶• Voyage Pillow

旅遊常客的上機三寶分別是:眼罩、頸箍及披肩。雖然此三寶在飛機上可以大大發揮作用, 不過收拾行李時往往會忽略其中一、兩寶。 有見及此,Sondre Travel將其中的眼罩及頸箍合二為一,名為Voyage Pillow。頸箍可以自由擺放到合適的位置,布料舒適及防透光度極高。 現提供預訂,由美元USD19起於Kickstarter集資並發售。 Sondre Travel -> 官網 Kickstarter -> 預售處