【DesignHubs】書頁椅子 • PAGES

The PAGES Chair is a colourful adjustable chair that allows you to choose the colors of your chair by flipping the PAGES! The surface of the PAGES Chair is designed to be like a book. In addition, you can easily adjust the seat height and backrest accordingly to your needs by flipping the PAGES… Click to Read More

【DesignHubs】彈性書架 • Chuck

The conceptual bookshelf, Chuck, is a unique wall shelf that stands out due to its changeability. Created by German designer Natascha Harra Frischkorn, Chuck consists…Click to read more

【DesignHubs】Hybrid • 椅子

Hybrid的車,你可能坐過﹔Hybrid的椅子,你又有没有坐過?Hybrid Chair, just like your Hybrid car, is a two ways functional furniture, which can quickly transform from a desk chair into a lounge chair…