【DesignHubs】智能餐盤 • Eatense

ense is the world’s first customizable plate that allow users to create their very own personalized plate with a smartphone app. Equipped with a digital display, users can turn a simple plate into a one-of-a-kind work of art using designs, photos, and videos from their phone… Click to read more

【DesignHubs】攜带式 盲文打字機 • Vrailler

Vrailler designed in USA is a portable tool to print braille. With the 6-dot braille cell composition, no matter what language you speak, you can easily compose braille words and print it out just as it is. Unlike the expensive braille printers, Vrailler is easy to learn, extremely portable and can be used at a fraction of the cost…Click to Read More

【DesignHubs】智能執行器 • Smartians

Designed and developed by Frolic Studio from Amsterdam Netherland, Smartians Collection is a cloud connected motor which can breathe new life into your daily products… Click to Read More

【DesignHubs】銀包追踪器 • Ekster3.0

Ekster® 3.0 is the world’s slimmest smart wallet with voice-activated trackable system that get instant card access at the click of a button. With this advance solar-powered crowd-GPS tracker, you will never lose… Click to Read More

【DesignHubs】COCO • KINNEY

The COCO desk and KINNEY Wall are the new expansion to LA-based MASHstudios ready-made office furniture line…Click to read more

【DesignHubs】智能食物罐 • STOK

2018只過了一半,但AI和智能科技絕對是今年的十大熱門話題之一。Artifact Design工作室設計的STOK更可以列入此Wishlist!STOK是一個智能食物存儲罐,可以記錄食物的存貨,並提醒用家補倉。 While 2018 is the year of AI and smart technology, STOK by Artifact Design would be an addition to this collection. STOK is a smart jar that includes a free inventory management device in your smart kitchen. It not only keeps track of your stock in the jar and notifies you on your…

【DesignHubs】網絡安全 • CUJO

DesignHubs 網絡安全 • CUJO

你真的以為安裝了家居防盜就會安全? 在現今社會很多騙案都是在網絡發生, 就像Wanna Cry病毒令到很多大型公司當日down機… estylerhubs.com

【DesignHubs】AI時鐘 • LaMetric

上班不可以玩手機, 但又怕錯過個訊息? 你需要這個可以連接網絡的時鐘La Metric,它不但可以提示重要約會,亦可以連接不同社交網站、電郵信箱。當你有新訊息時, La Metric會顯示在螢光幕上。 La Metric, the internet connected clock, is not only a clock, but also an intelligent assistant which shows business metrics, social media updates, email notifications and other important information. 可能你會覺得iWatch都做到相同功能,但是La Metric也可以連接不同新聞平台、財經網站,可以無時無刻更新時事快訊、股票情況。你可以堂堂正正放La Metric在你的辦公室桌上。 當收工時亦可以帶回家, 把它當作喇叭連接itune、Spotify,亦可用作智能家居電器的遙控器。 Inspired by enchanted devices concept, La Metric is not an iWatch replacement; more importantly, it…

【DesignHubs】高智能手錶 ● VOID WATCH

手錶、懷錶的發明是方便人們無時無刻都可以“睇”時間。不過,科技的發展日新月異,手提電話、電腦己經代替了鐘錶。所以手錶公司VOID WATCH設計了一系列高智慧的手錶,名為VO2。 何謂高智慧?長方形的錶面只有一半顯示時間,半邊的顯示平上時針、分針共有兩套,只要將數字顏色配對,先可以知道時間。雖然,唔IQ 180都會識睇,但係都要一段時間摸索,VO2系列絕對識合不平凡的你! (VO2 系列) (Gift Set) (男又得,女又得)