【DesignHubs】閃燈背囊 • NEBULITE

NEBULITE collection is the world first illuminated festival bags! Smart features include 16,581,374 colour choice, theft protection, group sync, and build-in long-range ranger radio for communications. Of course, it comes with a smartphone APP and you can control everything with your phone. With NEBULITE, you will never lose your friends again at the Festival… Click to Read More

【DesignHubs】手機燈 • Travelamp

有否想過智能手機燈光的用途?閃光燈?手電筒?如果你覺得光線太強、想柔和一點,Travelamp一定可以滿足你。以軟質矽膠材質,套在任何智能手機上,由手機的燈光導出光源,隨時隨地“取得光線”。一共提供兩款型號: 檯燈及油燈,任君選擇﹗ Have you wondered what you can do with your smartphone light? Camera flashlight? A torch? If you want to refine it by making the light softer, Travelamp is something for you. It adapts to the phone LED and spreads the light in a reassuring way. The silicone structure assures practicality and softness; whereas…