【DesignHubs】智能執行器 • Smartians

Designed and developed by Frolic Studio from Amsterdam Netherland, Smartians Collection is a cloud connected motor which can breathe new life into your daily products… Click to Read More

【DesignHubs】手帶MEMO • WEMO

Do you ever write on your hand to remind you to do something later? WEMO is the… Click to read more

【DesignHubs】絕種首飾盒 • The Endangered

新加坡工作室Trigger Design Studio與AllSense氣味實驗室合作,推出了The Endangered系列首飾盒…
Design Studio and in collaboration with AllSense scent lab, the Endangered is a range of jewellery box collection, which visualizes endangered animals with unique scents…

【DesignHubs】充電”咭” ● The Life Card

手機功能越來越多,手機電池越用越快。所以,流動充電器是出街必備,有時仲可能要帶夠 2 個先夠用。相信玩家都有同感就係充電器重過部電話,就好似同一時間帶三部機出街,非常想死。。。 終於有商家推出咭片大少,最重要係咭片重量的充電器!PlusUs Studio的The Life Card只有0.395厘米厚,大小就跟信用咭差不多, 1500mAh電池容量。另外,充電器可選擇內置Apple 的 Lightning 扁身線或 Micro-USB 線,完全照顧到 iPhone 、Android及其他手機用家的需要。