【DesignHubs】電子海報• Typified

Designed by Typified, the Weather Poster is the world’s first updating paper poster. It uses smart ink and a tiny internet connected computer to reflect the day’s changing weather… Click to Read More

【DesignHubs】冥想坐墊 • UNDO

喜愛冥想的設計師Jordan Diatlo設計出UNDO一款專門用於冥想的坐墊,UNDO坐墊符合人體工學設計,適合不同體型,讓…designer Jordan Diatlo has created the UNDO meditation cushion which is designed to put the body into an ergonomic position, so…Click to read more

【DesignHubs】自動加熱 • ember

ember推出了全球首款可自動加熱的ember Ceramic Mug溫控咖啡杯…The ember’s Ceramic Mug is the first coffee mug that can customise your temperature on your own time…

【DesignHubs】多功能廚房量杯 • Levups

總部位於澳大利亞的Dreamfarm,通過細心觀察和留意生活,設計了多個極富創意又實用的產品… Australia-based, Dreamfarm, is expanding its territories by making sense…