【DesignHubs】睡眠好枕 • Dullo Pillow

Designed by a start-up company in USA, Dullo Pillow is designed to gently cradle and support both your head and neck, our pillow. Dullo Pillow will provide you with quality sleep that you have never experienced before. The center crater helps to distribute the weight throughout your head during any sleeping position throughout the night so that you can get a good night’s rest… Click to Read More

【DesignHubs】旋轉插頭 • AUKEY

AUKEY launched this new wall charger which can rotate in a 180 degree arc for positioning below, to the left or to the right of the AC outlet. To complete the functions, it features a three-prong AC outlet and three extra USB charging ports… Click to Read More

【DesignHubs】Origamei • dress

The Origamei is a patented foldable dress for any on the go women. The compact dress is not only wrinkle resistant which means no iron…Click to Read More

【DesignHubs】沙灘椅x背包 • Voyage Chair

夏日炎炎,最好就是去沙灘曬太陽。點可以自備沙灘椅而又不失霸氣? 來自美國Sondre Travel 團隊設計的背包式沙灘椅 Voyage Chair,不同於一般的沙灘椅,不但可以摺疊成背包,方便攜帶,沙灘椅的靠背及枕頭亦有多個口袋,放置東西。當你以為可裝置手機充電器、飲料的小口袋已經是十分貼心的設計,那你就大錯特錯﹗其實它還有一個很有用的小設計,只要拉開椅子後面的掛杆,就能晾曬游泳浴巾。 The Voyage Chair from Sondre Travel is the beach chair completely reimagined. The custom printed fabric not only allows the Voyage Chair to stand out against the crowd, but it also comes with padded shoulder straps and compartment & mesh pocket as a functional backpack. 雖然The Voyage Chair是摺疊沙灘椅,但採用的物料品質卻一點也不馬乎,面料採用高級定製的 600D…

【DesignHubs】城市模型 • Microscape

Microscape began as a collaboration between two architects, William Ngo and Alan Silverman, in Manhattan New York, where they combined two decades of experience in digital modeling, photogrammetry, product design and 3D printing into these 1:5000 scale Manhattan Collection city model and the newly launched Chicago Collection…Click to read more!

【DesignHubs】旅遊三寶• Voyage Pillow

旅遊常客的上機三寶分別是:眼罩、頸箍及披肩。雖然此三寶在飛機上可以大大發揮作用, 不過收拾行李時往往會忽略其中一、兩寶。 有見及此,Sondre Travel將其中的眼罩及頸箍合二為一,名為Voyage Pillow。頸箍可以自由擺放到合適的位置,布料舒適及防透光度極高。 現提供預訂,由美元USD19起於Kickstarter集資並發售。 Sondre Travel -> 官網 Kickstarter -> 預售處

【IdeaHubs】 旅行恩物 ● Nest Airport Bed

  有了Red Dot得獎產品 Nest Airport Bed,去旅行可以去到邊訓到邊! Nest Airport Bed使用吊床原理,通過有彈性的布織網格,支撐用家的體重。而貴重物品可以安放在網格床內,當休息時,身體會完全掩蓋開口,萬無一失。