【DesignHubs】攜带式 盲文打字機 • Vrailler

Vrailler designed in USA is a portable tool to print braille. With the 6-dot braille cell composition, no matter what language you speak, you can easily compose braille words and print it out just as it is. Unlike the expensive braille printers, Vrailler is easy to learn, extremely portable and can be used at a fraction of the cost…Click to Read More

【DesignHubs】桌上紐約 • Graphite Towers

Through working with Museum of Modern Art (MoMA), Aruliden designed the Graphite Towers in homage to iconic New York City buildings…Click to read more

【DesignHubs】COCO • KINNEY

The COCO desk and KINNEY Wall are the new expansion to LA-based MASHstudios ready-made office furniture line…Click to read more

【DesignHubs】瑪麗的花瓶 • Mary’s Vase

Mary的朋友暨品牌Kokili創辦人So Jung Lee和Gregory Walker設計了這系列的掛牆式花瓶,命名Mary’s Vase…nspired by Mary, a common friend of Kokili’s founders – So Jung Lee and Gregory Walker, the Mary’s Vase is a simple yet beautiful wall hung vase…

【DesignHubs】喜馬拉雅燭 ● Cascadia Candles

Cascadia Candles的蠟燭是經過精密計算及高度數據收集才研發出來,外型如: Mt. Hood、Mt Saint Helens 和 Mt Rainier。 團隊用上光檢測和測距(LiDAR)創造非常高分辨率的地形數據收集,並將這些數據集轉換為山形狀的三維效果圖。 關於Cascadia Candles Portland Bee Balm的姐妹公司,話雖如此其實只係一間只有三名員工的團隊。位於美國俄勒岡州的波特蘭(Portland, Oregon) ,Cascadia Candles只會接單才生產,只用100%純蜂蠟,標榜本土自家製產品。 圖片來源: Cascadia Candles