【DesignHubs】3D世界地圖 • EnjoytheWood

The world first 3D Wooden World Map is created by Enjoy the Wood, a Ukrainian Family brand which specialises in handcrafted and unique acessories from wood and leather. The 3D Wooden World Map is a high-quality minimalistic 3D wooden map, created with laser-cut precision and love of tender hands. The individual pin that comes with the package allows you to mark all the countries that you have visited or any places that you want to travel in the future!

【DesignHubs】彈性書架 • Chuck

The conceptual bookshelf, Chuck, is a unique wall shelf that stands out due to its changeability. Created by German designer Natascha Harra Frischkorn, Chuck consists…Click to read more

【IdeaHubs】 請坐 ● please take a seat

波蘭一名設計學生Ewa Dulcet用上獨特的結構原理,巧妙地將木板升級。Dulcet在凳面加工,用橡筋串連一組剪裁了的木塊,當你坐下時,木板會按照你的身型改變,令你的屁股貼貼服服地”坐落”在凳面,出奇的合適。這個簡單的木凳,乍一眼看似木框,很難想像它會和舒適掛鈎。 事實証明,只要有好腦筋、好設計,簡簡單單的四塊木板都可以今人一坐難忘。