【DesignHubs】永不乾涸的鋼筆 • IndiGraph

IndiGraph is an innovative fountain pen that will never dry-out. By keeping the nib moist with a special membrane, the IndiGraph is the perfect solution for sketchers, calligraphers, designers and illustrators to express their creativity without interruptions… Click to Read More

【DesignHubs】自我維持盆栽 • Level Scapes

Level Scapes is a stackable micro terrarium that make it easy for anyone to add a bit of nature to your desk. Each terrarium is sealed in a clear box with a removable lid that can be opened to water the plants inside… Click to Read More

【DesignHubs】智能工作枱 • EGET

EGET is an innovative workspace adapted to new habits and the use of new technology. In other words, EGET is a piece of furniture which can be adapted to the demands of users through light, storage, sound and…Click to read more


想學外國人食完lunch可以企係到返工?用OPLØFT 啦!長期坐係辦公室,冇得行、冇得企,真係命都短幾年!所以一班設計師研發了OPLØFT,一款用3D印刷技術打造出的工作配件。工作板可伸長伸短,將本身的工作枱 upgrade 變成“高”枱,方便工作! #kickstarter funding project #OPLØFT – great #design #accessories for #workspace! #wantedforoffice